Start with WHY, Focus on HOW, we help you with HOW

Our Continuously Evolving Principles


Achieving more with less resources. Focus on activities that create value and drive out those that are form of waste.


What you buy, gets made. We strive to provide and support only useful and well done solutions which are best of breed.


What gets made must be reused many times. Even individual parts of the software must be reusable in multiple places. Every part must provide constant flow of advantage along its lifecycle.


Design is fundamental. A good design is the result of several iterations. It will lead to greater effectivity, efficiency, improved quality and sustainability. We want to get the basics right.

Embrace the unknown

Do not seek to confirm, seek to learn. Reason from first principle, not by analogy. Beware of indirection and course of knowledge that can mislead you.


Good is good enough when it's right. To achieve excellent quality you have to become a master. Software is what we do, and we want to master it.